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10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Dieting

“Sorry, I can’t eat that, I’m on a diet”
How many times have we said that in our lifetime? Not once, twice, or perhaps three times but constantly. We are literally obsessed with diets and dieting.

With the hundreds of different diets out there, all claiming to work miracles, it’s very probable that you’ve tried a few. Being in a constant state of ‘diet’, means that you never give yourself a break from that slog of self-loathing. Eating becomes a chore and you develop a love-hate relationship with your food. Feelings of guilt laced with the odd ‘Fuck it, I’m eating it!’ become the norm.

So we search high and low for the ‘right’ diet – for the one that might actually work, but everyone knows that on the main, diets just don’t cut the mustard. Any good intention and enthusiasm as you embark on your new regime is soon replaced with boredom and disappointment because, yes, you may well have managed to lose some weight, but the hardest part is keeping it off.

Research shows that most women end up on a life-long quest to lose weight and quite often it starts from a young age. This doesn’t make for a happy existence.

What does the word ‘diet’ even mean? It frequently gets misconstrued and hence why I believe part of the problem is a grammatical one. Instead of using the word ‘diet’ as a verb, it should be voiced as a noun but in the following context only, i.e. my diet is good, or my diet is poor, instead of saying “I’m dieting” or “I’m trying this particular diet” It’s all in the meaning, you know.

As a personal trainer with almost 15 years’ experience, I’ve seen the struggles first hand that most female clients have and still approach me with. The emotions that build up over time aren’t pretty.

Here are 10 things that happen when you’re dieting or you’re on a ‘diet’. You may relate.

1. You become miserable
2. You hate yourself
3. Your friends start hating you
4. You become unsociable
4. You stop enjoying food
5. You might become obsessive about your scales
6. You think it’s ok to yo-yo diet
7. You might lose weight at first by cutting down on your food intake, but your weight probably creeps back on
8. It messes with your head
9. You’re never at peace with yourself
10. It’s bad for your body and soul

Do yourself a favour and quit the damaging diet self-talk.

Just stop.



The only diet you need to be on is a healthy nutritious one, meaning that you consume a good cross section of all food groups and try to avoid refined or processed foods.

So, forget the Atkins or the Weight Watchers diet, or the Lighter Life or the cabbage soup diet. These, along with the rest, are tedious, possibly expensive, and unsustainable.

Looking for easy, implementable ways to focus on the real job in hand and lose weight for good?

Read my blog –

10 Fool-proof Basics to Help you Lose and Maintain Your Weight

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