My self-esteem was rock bottom after having put on lots of weight over a period of 2 years. I tried several diets which admittedly enabled me to lose weight but unfortunately not keep it off. I dragged myself out of the house to try different classes at my local leisure centre and even plucked up the courage to join a gym but none of this worked for me, I just wasn’t motivated enough to do this on my own.

After calling a couple of personal trainers to make enquiries, I then called Mary. She made me feel at ease almost immediately. I could tell just by talking to her that she was approachable and understanding and certainly nothing like the others that I’d spoken to! Our first meeting was informative and productive and from the start I felt really comfortable having Mary in my home.
I have been having 3 weekly training sessions with Mary for the last 3 months. The hour sessions pass so quickly because she makes them fun and varied. Her attention to detail makes me feel special.

As a result of our goal setting and hard work together, because it really is about teamwork, I have lost almost a stone and a half in a very short space of time! Nowadays, I am a much happier, healthier and more confident person and can honestly say that I look forward to seeing Mary every time!


Mary’s personal training sessions are very enlightening. You feel your confidence increasing in each session with Mary pushing you that little bit harder and encouraging you not to give up. You certainly get your money’s worth and you will definitely reach your goals. I always enjoy every session and the support from Mary is immense. She is the total package and is all that is required from a personal trainer.

I would recommend Mary to anyone – she even trains my mother!


I heard about Breakthrough Fitness via a friend and have never looked back. A free, professional consultation at the outset convinced me to give Mary the go ahead to get me back on the road to fitness.

Her training sessions are varied as well as informative. Mary keeps up to date with developments in the health and fitness world and continuously passes on her knowledge and expertise. She ensures that boredom doesn’t get the better of you and is always introducing new exercises and equipment.
Mary gives me realistic but challenging goals to reach and I feel a real sense of achievement for having met her. Thank you


After searching for ages for a good Pilates instructor I eventually heard about Mary. I contacted her and she was very warm and welcoming.

From the first session with her it was clear that she was very competent, had a very good rapport with her class members and could balance the sessions for both beginners and more experienced people. Her classes are of a size where it is possible to get lots of personal attention. She clearly enjoys what she does.

My wife has also got Mary to provide personal training to her too and she also says that Mary is the best personal trainer she has ever had. I would recommend Mary without any hesitation at all.


I can wholeheartedly say that Mary is the best trainer I’ve ever had.

She is caring, encouraging and always has my best interests at heart. Since I started training with her I have gained a lot of strength and increased my fitness levels immensely. From getting out of breath just from walking I can now run comfortably. Above all I get true value for money.


I met Mary a few weeks after having a major operation. Prior to starting my training programme, she took time to research what the operation entailed and what would be the best way to approach the training. She is very understanding of her clients’ needs and provides appropriate and suitable programmes to work with.

The sessions are fun and even if you are having an off day and you may not feel like doing the session, by the end you will feel great.

You will certainly feel the benefits of exercise and reap the rewards if you train with Mary.


I cannot say enough about how excellent Mary is as a personal trainer. I have been training with her for a few months and as a result of her dedication to me, I have lost over a stone in weight and dropped a dress size!

Her continuous enthusiasm and motivation during each session has helped me to achieve my goals and to believe in myself again.

When we started training I couldn’t even run round the block, now I can run 5k, no sweat!
Mary not only works on the physical aspect of training, she also helped me with my diet by making recommendations for healthy eating and even provided me with appropriate meal plans.
My recommendation would be to train with Mary – you won’t be disappointed!


I was totally fed up with my level of fitness following a period of convalescence after breaking both of my heel bones and I needed expert advice and assistance. I called Mary having done some research on the web and she was round the next day for a consultation.

It is not easy letting a stranger into your home but I am very please that I took the first step.
Despite some concerns about what I would and would not be able to do, given the ever increasing problems with my feet, I had my first session the following week and have continued to see Mary twice a week since September 2010. My general levels of fitness and core stability (I now know all the technical terms) have improved dramatically. My main focus was mobility and strength and I wanted that feeling of general well being. I can say with confidence that I have achieved all these and am now focusing on more weight loss and healthy eating. The before and during training photographs that myself and Mary work with speak for themselves.

What I was impressed with about Mary is her professionalism, knowledge and very personable nature, it’s not all hard work and we share some laughter along the way, especially with my co-ordination skills or lack of them should I say. I have never been keen on gyms and classes and certainly prefer the more personalised approach and style that you get from a personal trainer. As well as planning a personal tailor made training programme Mary also helps you with eating healthily and maintaining what level of fitness has been achieved whilst progressing at a pace that is comfortable but still challenging. Mary spent time outside of our sessions collating and providing me with information on eating out healthily as I am prone to eating whilst working and socialising.

As a result of my broken heel bones I now suffer from Achilles Tendonitis and Mary tailored the training programme around this to ensure minimal strain whilst still building upon the strength. It’s been hard at times as I have a stressful job but in my opinion what has helped me is having Mary there to inspire and motivate me. It is so easy to neglect your own health needs if you have a busy life. Furthermore, I had two operations between 2009 -2010 and this was the big wake up call to start caring for my health and fitness. I needed to find time for myself and to improve my health; Mary helped me to achieve this.

It’s amazing because I never used to be able to even do sit ups, regardless of my desire for that flat, toned stomach but now they are so much easier, the key is knowing how to do them and many more exercises correctly. Mary is great at explaining how to breathe and how to position yourself to prevent muscle strain or injury. The difference to my body is marked. I can now walk around concentrating on what I should be doing i.e. shopping rather than being pre-occupied by the pain in my back, hips and feet. I still have a way to go but with perseverance and the help from Mary, I am sure my health and fitness levels will continue to improve further.

If you feel like you need that push because you just can’t seem to prioritise your health and fitness needs, I would recommend Mary to inspire and motivate you. It won’t be long before you realise and see the improvements. Go on give it a go!