Young woman gobbing up marshmallows

10 Tips On How to Curb Your Food Cravings

Craving a particular food can be overwhelming. So powerful a sensation, in fact, that very few of us can resist it. The desire is so intense that it can seem uncontrollable, believing that we need to satisfy that craving to make it go away. Every…
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10 Fool-proof Basics to Help you Lose and Maintain Your Weight

Are you plain sick and tired of trying different diets but none of them work? That’s because one size doesn’t fit all and they’re usually unsustainable. The thing about diets is that they’re frustrating and tedious. They have a sub-zero…
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10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Dieting

“Sorry, I can’t eat that, I’m on a diet” How many times have we said that in our lifetime? Not once, twice, or perhaps three times but constantly. We are literally obsessed with diets and dieting. With the hundreds of different diets…
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New Year Resolution? Who Are You Kidding?

It’s that annoying time of year again when everyone still insists on talking about their New Year resolutions. Global discussions are taking place, even between strangers and it’s almost a certain that the majority of these resolutions are…
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The Perils of Christmas Bingeing

It’s fair to say that Christmas is the arch enemy of dieters worldwide. In the UK, the season “to be jolly” kicks off almost immediately after the kids go back to school in September. The dreaded sight of mince pies overtaking our supermarket…
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25 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Me!

I was quite hairy when I was born but my parents thought I was the cutest baby monkey they'd ever seen. I didn't go to nursery, started school at 5, spoke only Sicilian dialect and not a word of English until then. I have Latin and…