Breakthrough Runners is an Enfield based group for joggers and runners founded in January 2013.

We’re a friendly and non-competitive group welcoming people of all abilities and levels, men, women, young and old.

Running is one of the most effective ways to get fit, lose weight and it’s also a great way to meet similar minded people. Running in a group will motivate, inspire and help you progress. It will just happen without you even realising!

So, if you are completely new to running and have been thinking of taking it up then this is the perfect group for you. Similarly, if you are already a seasoned runner covering any distance up to 10k but you need an extra push or you’re tired of running on your own then please contact us now. As well as running we sometimes include conditioning as this helps to increase stamina.

At present we meet on Sundays, 9am at Forty Hall (in the car park). It’s always best to confirm the sessions are being held especially if the weather is adverse.

Sessions are £5 and last up to 60 minutes.