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Mary at Breakthrough Fitness in Enfield says: "I’ve been teaching Pilates for 12 years and my clients have ranged from age 8 to 88!"

Pilates is a form of exercise for men and women of all ages. There are five main principles, focusing on:

• Breathing

• Cervical spine and head placement

• Placement of the pelvis

• Placement of the rib cage

• Scapular movement

Stott Pilates ® is the tried and tested form of Pilates used by Breakthrough Fitness. It involves a range of modern exercise principles, including the enhancement of athletic performance, plus spinal rehabilitation

Pilates utilises deep breathing with a flowing series of dynamic postures and movements, plus the use of resistance equipment. This differs from yoga, which involves static postures.

Benefits of Pilates include better circulation, less muscle bulk, resulting in more freedom of movement, better core strength and stability, balanced muscles around your joints, and enhanced fitness. It is also adaptable, depending on the person's abilities.

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"I can wholeheartedly say that Mary is the best trainer I’ve ever had.

She is caring, encouraging and always has my best interests at heart. Since I started training with her I have gained a lot of strength and increased my fitness levels immensely. From getting out of breath just from walking I can now run comfortably. Above all I get true value for money."


"I met Mary a few weeks after having a major operation. Prior to starting my training programme, she took time to research what the operation entailed and what would be the best way to approach the training. She is very understanding of her clients’ needs and provides appropriate and suitable programmes to work with.

The sessions are fun and even if you are having an off day and you may not feel like doing the session, by the end you will feel great. You will certainly feel the benefits of exercise and reap the rewards if you train with Mary."



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