Due to these unprecedented and still uncertain times, for the foreseeable future I will be continuing with my online classes only and not be offering indoor group exercise classes. I’ve never been one to put myself first, but in light of my personal situation, I feel it’s the only and safest choice.


45 minutes consultation (see below) | FREE
30 minutes personal training session | £30
1 hour personal training session | £55

Block of 3 personal training sessions | £150
Block of 6 personal training sessions (Bronze) | £288
Block of 10 personal training sessions (Silver) | £460
Block of 20 personal training sessions (Gold) | £840
Block of 30 personal training sessions (Platinum) | £1200

£60 (£15 each for 4 persons, £20 each for  persons, £30 each for 2 persons)

online banking | cash | cheque in advance | direct debit | standing order

1 week in advance for any booking| full refund
24 hours’ notice | 25% deduction
Less than 24 hours notice | 50% deduction
Block booking cancellations once commenced | 25% deduction


The initial consultation is a crucial part of the service. It is during these 45 minutes that we get to know each other.

You can ask questions and alleviate any possible fears you may have. You will be given two questionnaires to complete and with this information gathered we will provide you with realistic targets for your future training programme.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are, what matters is how we can help you achieve them. Because of the importance of this session it is FREE OF CHARGE and there is no obligation to book further sessions if you decide not to proceed.