Girl exercising outdoors in autumn
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How to get back into exercise after the Summer holidays

By the time the end of September comes around, with its shorter days and autumnal weather, we will have well and truly settled back into a work or school routine. Our summer fun becoming a fading memory and stress levels slowly rising again. But…
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10 Important Tips for Choosing a Pilates Instructor

Over the years, Pilates has increased considerably in popularity. It’s been proven to help people of all ages and abilities. On one hand it compliments sports and exercise, especially high impact or resistance disciplines, acting like a buffer.…
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The 10 Step Guide to Getting Back onto the Exercise Bandwagon

Have you recently lost your exercise mojo? Join the club! It’s human nature to go through the ‘I can’t be bothered anymore’ phase. The hardest thing is to get back on track so here is a step by step guide to help you. Schedule in…