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25 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Me!

  1. I was quite hairy when I was born but my parents thought I was the cutest baby monkey they’d ever seen.
  2. I didn’t go to nursery, started school at 5, spoke only Sicilian dialect and not a word of English until then.
  3. Mary huckle 1I have Latin and Russian O’levels as well as a few others of course. I have 4 A’levels, 3 languages and Art.
  4. In school I loved PE, contrary to most girls of school age. My forte was netball.
  5. I had a huge crush on an English teacher who was also the cause of one of my most embarrassing moments when he reprimanded me for talking in class and made me sit at the front of the room.
  6. If I could turn back the clock I’d want to be a professional tennis player.
  7. Embarrassing moment number 2 was falling literally arse over tit in front of a group of builders, many other passers by and my husband as I was walking out of a railway station.
  8. Embarrassing moment number 3 was when one of my chicken fillets flew out of my bra during an energetic step class and landed on the step of the lady in front of me.
  9. In addition to my eldest son I have twin daughters. My firstborn was delivered by emergency c-section. The twins were delivered normally (go figure!)
  10. I’m often referred to as the ‘voice of reason’ but other nicknames include Milly, Mildred, Marge and Midge.
  11. My favourite colour is blue.
  12. My favourite food is pasta (no surprise there!)
  13. My favourite vegetable is aubergine.
  14. My favourite fruit is pear.
  15. I enjoy gardening and once worked as a gardener for a few months.
  16. I’ve actually been given the part of the Virgin Mary twice in school plays.
  17. I’m allergic to cats but I have a Bengal as they’re one of the most hypoallergenic breeds.
  18. Mary Huckle 2I cry at anything remotely sad.
  19. I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2007. Then again in July 2014.
  20. I’ve had a mastectomy so only have one boob (one boobed wonder!)
  21. I’ve appeared on national TV, bearing my mastectomy scar.
  22. Apart from health and fitness, I love creativity and will one day spend hours drawing and painting again.
  23. I’ve spoken as a patient representative for Breast Cancer Now at the Houses of Parliament.
  24. I used to be a terribly, relentless worrier but reading positive mental attitude books helped me.
  25. I once adopted a granny in Peru.
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  1. Carole Jordanou
    Carole Jordanou says:

    You are very inspirational Mary and it was a real pleasure to meet you. You are a gift to all your clients. I sincerely wish you the very best xx

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