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10 Tips On How to Curb Your Food Cravings

Craving a particular food can be overwhelming. So powerful a sensation, in fact, that very few of us can resist it. The desire is so intense that it can seem uncontrollable, believing that we need to satisfy that craving to make it go away. Every person experiences food cravings differently. Some experts believe they last […]

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10 Fool-proof Basics to Help you Lose and Maintain Your Weight

Are you plain sick and tired of trying different diets but none of them work? That’s because one size doesn’t fit all and they’re usually unsustainable. The thing about diets is that they’re frustrating and tedious. They have a sub-zero fun rating. We’re quite often bamboozled into believing that the next fad that comes along […]

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10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Dieting

“Sorry, I can’t eat that, I’m on a diet” How many times have we said that in our lifetime? Not once, twice, or perhaps three times but constantly. We are literally obsessed with diets and dieting. With the hundreds of different diets out there, all claiming to work miracles, it’s very probable that you’ve tried […]

5 Simple Ways to Avoid Putting on Too Much Weight at Christmas

This is Christmas. It’s winter, it’s cold, the days are shorter, the nights longer. There’s nothing more comforting than snuggling under a blanket on your sofa, with a bowl of something naughty and binge watching the 24-hour Christmas channel. The other scenario might be that you’re out partying, surrounded by copious amounts of food and […]