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15 Things You Probably Shouldn’t Say or Do When Someone is Diagnosed With Cancer

If there’s one thing that causes awkwardness…. it’s cancer. When someone is diagnosed, granted, it’s hard knowing how to act around them or what to say. So, here’s an insight into some of the things one should really try to avoid doing or saying. A friend who’s been diagnosed requires a degree of compassion, yet […]

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10 Things to Say and Do When Your Friend Is Diagnosed With Cancer

According to new research published in The Telegraph at the end of last year, “Lonely women who have survived breast cancer are 60 per cent more likely to die from a recurrence of the disease than those more socially active.”         http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2016/12/12/lonely-women-likely-die-returning-breast-cancer-new-research/ A study of nearly 10,000 patients also found that socially […]

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New Year Resolution? Who Are You Kidding?

It’s that annoying time of year again when everyone still insists on talking about their New Year resolutions. Global discussions are taking place, even between strangers and it’s almost a certain that the majority of these resolutions are related to health and fitness. It’s January, the month when gym memberships soar as high as our […]

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The Perils of Christmas Bingeing

It’s fair to say that Christmas is the arch enemy of dieters worldwide. In the UK, the season “to be jolly” kicks off almost immediately after the kids go back to school in September. The dreaded sight of mince pies overtaking our supermarket shelves and the onslaught of Christmas cards swiftly followed by the influx […]

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25 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Me!

I was quite hairy when I was born but my parents thought I was the cutest baby monkey they’d ever seen. I didn’t go to nursery, started school at 5, spoke only Sicilian dialect and not a word of English until then. I have Latin and Russian O’levels as well as a few others of […]

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10 Important Tips for Choosing a Pilates Instructor

Over the years, Pilates has increased considerably in popularity. It’s been proven to help people of all ages and abilities. On one hand it compliments sports and exercise, especially high impact or resistance disciplines, acting like a buffer. On the other hand, Pilates is becoming recognised for its proven benefits to anyone suffering with illness […]

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The 10 Step Guide to Getting Back onto the Exercise Bandwagon

Have you recently lost your exercise mojo? Join the club! It’s human nature to go through the ‘I can’t be bothered anymore’ phase. The hardest thing is to get back on track so here is a step by step guide to help you. Schedule in your first workout. Don’t ask why, just do it! The […]