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10 Fool-proof Basics to Help you Lose and Maintain Your Weight

Are you plain sick and tired of trying different diets but none of them work? That’s because one size doesn’t fit all and they’re usually unsustainable.

The thing about diets is that they’re frustrating and tedious. They have a sub-zero fun rating.

We’re quite often bamboozled into believing that the next fad that comes along will help us, to not only shed the pounds but keep them off for good. Let’s be logical; if that miracle diet really worked for everyone, surely, no others would exist.

We’re constantly searching for that elusive way of eating and yet the secrets to losing weight and keeping it off are right under our noses.

Your fat-busting weapons are right here, right now. You just have to set the wheels in motion.

Wouldn’t you just love to stop being hangry all the time?

Here are 10 simple and inexpensive things you can do today to get you on track.

1. Start by setting yourself a measurable, achievable goal.
2. Write out a healthy, nutritional shopping list – always plan your meals a week in advance
3. Aim to drink 8 glasses of water per day
4. Create an active lifestyle, e.g. take stairs instead of lifts or walk rather than take the bus.
5. Prioritise and diarise your workouts
6. Exercise moderately at least 5 times per week for about 30 mins
7. Make yourself accountable – share your intentions
8. Stay focused, relaxed, and positive. Use self-affirmations – your mindset is key
9. Increase body awareness and tune in to how and what you feel. Keeping a journal will help you
10.Ditch the scales and enjoy the journey!

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